What Are Nano-Influencers?

Influencers are everywhere nowadays and thousands of people accumulate followers promoting a vast array of products every day. However, being an influencer doesn’t have to come with a million-follower price tag.

Many everyday social media users are beginning to promote products and services and people with only a few hundred or a few thousand followers are joining the bandwagon. 

Nano-influencers are online personas with social media accounts that have around 1,000-5,000 followers. While they might not have a mass following, they are still able to promote products and services to many potential consumers. 

With the rise of TikTok, it is far easier for people to begin as influencers as following accumulates much faster on these popular social media platforms. This makes small influencers who are active on these channels fantastic for promoting products and services. 

More authentic, less polished and picture-perfect, nano-influencer marketing uses the nice guys and the girls next door of the industry. While they may not have the same scope as large influencers, their more personal connection with their following allows them to give more meaningful promotions and reviews. 

People are more likely to accept advice or recommendations from influencers they view as friends or acquaintances than celebrities or big stars. There is more room for communication, meaning they can answer more questions and be available to give advice and tips to their followers. 

Nano-influences aren’t the high-paid, trend-setting social media stars you are used to seeing. Because of their relatively small following, they are more likely to be selective in what they choose to promote as they want to maintain the trust of their followers. 

This means they are more likely to take on a collaboration with products and services they themselves enjoy, they will usually do this in exchange for the product or service and therefore aren’t being ‘paid’ to advertise.

In turn, their reviews and recommendations are likely to be more honest and trustworthy as it hasn’t been bought. Their followers are more likely to trust their words and invest in the product themselves. 

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