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Who are Groupon?

Groupon are a global e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants offering activities, travel, goods and services in over 15 countries.

Campaign Aims

To generate increased awareness and market insights amongst the student market whilst advertising a 20% OFF student specific discount code across the UK.

Campaign Route

The campaign was split into two core areas of focus. Generating market insights and generating on site traffic through the use of 20% off discount code.

Market Insight Phase

We organised for 50 influencers to visit the Groupon website and select their 4 favourite deals, then upload them as a questionnaire on their stories. The engagement was fantastic! Through 50 influencers we advertised over 150 unique deals and saw over 3,000 student voters take part. From this data we were able to provide Groupon with a clear insight into which deals students wanted to see more of.

On Sight Traffic Phase

We requested for 50 influencers to select their favourite deal and advertise a 20% off discount code. Each student directed their followers to a trackable link in their bio. Groupon were ecstatic! Having this particular code used thousands of times towards onsite deal claims.

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