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Who are Hamelin?

Hamelin Brands is the largest supplier of branded envelopes, notebooks, pads, diaries, personal stationery and paper-based education supplies in the UK.

As part of Hamelin, one of Europe's leading stationery manufacturers, Hamelin Brands is the home of the Oxford stationery brand along with other well-known brands

We were looking to reach students to advertise our new website. Working with UniTaskr and student influencers we were able to reach a larger audience by utilising user generated content and relevant platforms. We will be working with them again when students are back studying and taking exams.

Natalie E, Marketing Communications Exec.

Campaign Aims

The aim of the campaign was to generate increased insights, awareness and sales for Oxford Flash Cards / Notebooks, as well as launch their new website.

We decided to split up the 250 SHOUT outs into two phases. We did so in order to test multiple forms of creative and messaging cross-plat–form to best engage the student demographic.

Campaign Route

The campaign was split into two phases. An Instagram phase and then a TikTok phase.


100 influencers were asked to complete the following actions:

1. Follow @Oxford.generation.uk

2. Repost the Oxford study hack video onto their story for 24 hours.

3. Mention @Oxford.generation.uk in the story and add a caption.

4. Add a link in their bio.


50 influencers were asked to complete the following actions:

1. Like, comment and tag 2 friends in the UniTaskr produced Oxford study hack video.

2. Produce a duet of the study hack video on TikTok and post it on your feed.

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