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"Anya did a fantastic job. She was able to conduct all the work remotely and had the finished pieces sent to me on time. I have used her before on a design job and she's been fantastic. Very easy to use website, and it was very helpful to be notified about messages and alerts through my email"
Blogging Task
"I posted my task and had about 15 applicants within minutes. I went through all their profiles and selected 5.

They all turned up on time at our office to collect the flyers and lanyards. The app was very easy to use throughout the whole process."
Promo Team Task
"This is my fifth time using UniDosh to get my house cleaned and every time it's been fantastic. I wait for a few students to make an offer and I select who I think will be best for the job. All super easy! Plus, no awkward chats about money because it's all done through the platform."
Cleaning Task

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