Break out of boredom with Breakout Manchester

Manchester, like its own insect mascot, has become renowned as a city abuzz with activities. But when you’re on a student budget, discovering ways to entertain yourself that don’t involve breaking the bank can become a real problem to deal with.

After all, if you’ve exhausted Factory; when the Revs card isn’t cutting it anymore; and you’re one spilt pint away from breaking up with the Friendship Inn; you’ll begin to find yourself spending your Saturday nights enduring the nightmare that is watching Amanda Holden award a lifetime achievement award to a dancing dog.

If this sounds like an all too familiar situation then don’t worry, The UniBlog is here to help. Located slap bang in the centre of the city is the brilliant Breakout Manchester; the perfect game for the reckless financial disregard that is post-exam student celebrations!

Open seven days a week and boasting over two dozen playable rooms, this blend of puzzles, competition and teamwork gives players the opportunity to try their hand at securing a Hollywood escape from a locked room; all the while working against the clock, and their flatmates’ dismal IQ levels.

Rooms accommodate a maximum of 5 people, meaning it’s the perfect group activity for a rainy, North-England day. Whether trapped inside an eerie cabin in the woods, or solving an Agatha Christie, whodunit murder mystery, it’s a truly immersive experience; with atmospheric lighting, creepy music and the kind of tests, which – let’s be honest – we’d far rather be revising for. 

But don’t feel like you need to be a top-grade detective in order to successfully crack the code. if you’re not feeling too confident then don’t worry, different rooms boast different levels of difficulty exist to help ease in newcomers. Plus, experienced game operators are on hand ready to bear witness to your miraculous last-minute getaways and give you a bit of support should you look to be struggling (once they’ve stopped laughing that is).

As an insider tells us, “we’ve had veteran players make a meal of our ‘easier’ rooms and first timers escape from five-star games” – so if you do want to give yourself a challenge, cabin-in-the-woods themed room ‘Forsaken’ will test even the hardiest of breakers.

Rooms can prove popular, and get booked up quickly, so be sure to reserve as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. By keeping an eye out for the Breakout social media pages, you could be in with the chance of winning a free game in competitions such as the brain-teasing ‘Riddle of the Month’.

With locations by both the Arndale, and a newly opened site within the Northern Quarter, this prime placement means there’s ample opportunity for a few post-escape pints once you’re done. So go on, win your escape from academic despair and discover the answer to the ultimate question: would your friendships survive?

Written by Helena Young

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