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Why tasking students to complete your odd jobs is the future

Whether you’re looking for someone to help out with the odd task, or act as a more long-term solution, UniDosh has the answer. We believe in the diversity and multifaceted skill set of our student task force. Our students offer unique advantages, compared to the alternative of contractual recruitment and for a number of reasons.

Firstly, cost saving. Students are at a point in their lives, where work experience is of great importance, and overheads are minimal. Our students are able to work for affordable prices, and often considerably cheaper than what you would pay a professional freelancer. Upon posting a task on the app (or website – coming September 2019), you will be asked to enter a budget. Our UniTaskers (students) will be notified of the task and can accept it, along with an offer based on your budget. We make it extremely easy for you to set your own price for tasks that you want doing, and can change the price at any point from within the messenger.

Our UniTaskers are eager to learn new skills, especially from work which will give them useful references on their CV. At UniDosh, we hold the idea that students are excellent communicators who also have characteristic resilience. We have seen this to be beneficial in a working environment where the last thing employers want is to invest in staff, only for them to leave after a couple of shifts. An added benefit in employing millennials is their natural ease with new technology and using familiar systems so if its social media management, web development or admin assistance, UniDosh is the place to go. 

Students on average have between 6-12 hours of classes a week- meaning there’s a lot of free time to be used up doing useful things such as helping local businesses, orga

nisations and people in their local community, not forgetting allowing them to make some much needed extra income.

The free hours in their timetable means that there is greater flexibility, which is likely to suit you or your business too, for example if it was evening or weekend work you needed.

Furthermore, features such as, entering job specifics in our task form, ensure that only the right students are put forward for the task. We eliminate unqualified applicants based on your task requirements and needs. Due to the UniDosh Messenger, you can communicate quickly and easily with prospective UniTaskers and arrange the finer task details. All payment takes place though this messenger as well as providing you with the option to ‘Re’Book’ if you want to continue using the same student for future work.


Lastly, as much as you will be benefiting from all the qualities and advantages listed above, we also believe in the benefit of giving back.

There’s an added benefit to this exchange in that you will be helping the future workforce gain experience and financial independence by giving them an opportunity to work alongside their studies, which will no doubt benefit them greatly in the future!

Sign up for a free UniDosh account today and start reaping the benefits of utilising a student task force to conduct your odd jobs and tasks. Use the code ‘to-do10’ to claim £10 off your first task.

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