The Digital World Is Thriving

Covid-19 is all anyone is talking about, but of course it is, it’s changed the whole world as we know it. It has caused the closure of most UK stores and businesses, but the Coronavirus is indeed changing the behaviour in the digital world, and in many areas, it seems to be thriving.

Not having much else to do but scroll through various different platforms on social media all day long, you can gain a lot of knowledge about what new online retailers are out there, as well as finding out crazy recipes or even partnering with businesses that you might not have spoken with in the past. Opportunities are arising from many angles.

So whether you’re Joe Wicks now appealing to parents of young kids and gaining a whopping 800k followers on instagram, or you’re a telecoms provider selling hosted platforms to companies now conducting their business from home; taking your business online has never been more important. It’s the only way to do business now, and if you aren’t on social media you essentially don’t exist right now.

Take Dixons Carphone and Primark as two examples on both ends of the scale. Dixons Carphone has said its online sales in the UK and Ireland have recovered around two-thirds of sales lost to store closures due to the coronavirus lockdown. The electrical retailer has released a trading update ahead of publishing its full year results and in the five weeks to April 25th, online channels saw a colossal 166% sales growth, compared to a 23 per cent growth in the 11 weeks to March 21.

On the flip side, Primark confirms the furloughing of 68,000 staff as sales go from £650m a month to zero after they are forced to close all their stores. That’s the price to pay when you don’t give your customers the option to purchase online.

If you’re looking to grow your business then turning to remote student freelancers is another way to go. The student marketplace is booming at the moment, with students having a ton of time on their hands and most of them looking for new work. Students who were studying graphic design are now offering their services as web designers, logo creators and branding. Students who were working in computer science are turning to freelance web development, and media & marketing students are now helping businesses grow their social media following and create content for them, all from the comfort of their homes.

Many students are turning to influencer marketing to earn an extra buck at the moment, and luckily for them you don’t need to have thousands of followers to get involved. Student influencer platforms such as UniTaskr now allows them to jump on the bandwagon and work with cool companies, promoting their products and shouting about their services.

There is actually a more professional name for these types of brand pushing experts. Welcome to the magical world of nano-influencers. They are similar to micro-influencers but with a smaller and more engaged group of followers. Ok, so you may have already heard of nano influencers and you still don’t get it. The beauty is, it’s actually proving to be a lot more effective than having a z-list celebrity post about a brand. That’s because students are more likely to trust their friend if they see them posting about a brand than someone they know has been paid thousands of pounds.

So in summary, if you don’t want to be like Joe Exotic and you do want to financially recover from this mayhem, then go and check out some of the services that you could make use of on the platform, as well as learn more about the student influencers who are ready to shout about your brand.

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