Why Influencer Marketing Will Remain So Relevant

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The Covid-19 pandemic has helped boost influence marketing by providing brands with a more human touch, when influencer marketing is used correctly of course.

But as we begin to emerge from the lockdown and start to grapple with the ‘new normal’ will influencer marketing remain as relevant? The answer is yes, according to a recent article for Talking Influence.

It noted that online retail sales have, understandably, climbed considerably during lockdown, and that this trend is likely here to stay even with physical stores reopening in many places.

The news provider noted that consumers are spending up to 50 per cent more time on social media on mobiles now than they did before the global pandemic, according to research from Forbes. This puts influencer marketing in a strong position.

“Influencers have the unique ability to humanise a brand and create conversation, appeal and demand for products in the context of real life,” the publication stated.

Brands will also be looking at ways to become more audience centric, which is another area that influencers can assist with. This means not only producing relatable content, but being able to adapt across platforms.

As PR News Online recently noted, now is a sensitive time for brands. Any that are using influencer marketing need to do so carefully to ensure they are building trust with their audience rather than alienating them.

Being authentic, focusing on building goodwill rather than the hard sell and providing help or support to customers are among the key ways in which influencers should be working to boost a brand’s image and ultimately grow its audience online.

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