Could Influencers Boost Christmas Sales?

Christmas should be the busiest time of the year for retailers and the hospitality industry, but if your business is failing to hit the mark this year, you might be keen to work with influencers to boost footfall.

Covid-19 has hit shops, bars and restaurants hard, and just as the public were ready to splash their cash during the festive season and dig lots of businesses out of holes, the new Omicron variant arrived on our shores.

As a result, many Christmas parties have been cancelled, bookings postponed, and customers started to avoid the high street despite still having presents to buy. While the government has kept these premises open and is avoiding another lockdown just yet, it is also giving the public mixed messages about what they should be doing to stay safe and protect Christmas.

Professor Peter Openshaw, one of scientific advisers for No 10, was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying he “wouldn’t feel safe” going to a festive party, stating: “If it involves being indoors in an enclosed space where you’re close to other people, and people are not wearing masks.”

The SAGE expert suggested the risk was too great even if other attendees have been tested and vaccinated, putting confusion and doubt in many people’s minds.

Consequently, many businesses are looking for other ways to boost their income over the festive season, instead of relying on high street traffic.

Influencers, who promote your brand to their strong social media following, could be the answer, helping to expose your business to people all over the world. This could be exactly what you need if the worst comes to worst, and businesses are forced to shut their doors again.

Find out more about student influence marketing to publicise your brand by taking a look here.

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