Top Tips For Engaging With Influencers

The influence marketing world has changed dramatically over the past few years, with key events, shifting perceptions, new platforms and the rise of the nano-influencer and micro-influencer have led to businesses and influencers engaging with each other in very different ways.

Over the past decade, an influencer has evolved from a monolithic content creator, thought leader or celebrity on social media to include people who exert a wider influence in a smaller space.

The latter are far better value for money for a business, as their small, niche audiences are more targeted and tend to have a lot more trust in the person they follow, leading to better conversion and return on investment.

The relationship between micro-influencers and businesses is far different than in years past, so with that in mind, here are some top tips for engaging with influencers in your industry space.

Start With Relationships

Because influencers at the very top of Instagram and TikTok are often the types of people who spring to mind when businesses think of the influencer space, there is a temptation to treat these influencers as essentially walking advertisements.

This is the wrong approach to take with micro-influencers, as they are far more innately connected, enthusiastic and knowledgable about the particular field, as well as typically being less rigidly marketing focus in their approach.

They are people, after all, and treating your relationship with them as such will pay off in a far stronger way.

Do Due Diligence And Let Them Take The Creative Lead

These two tips are inherently connected because in order for you to effectually do the latter you must also undertake the former.

Influencers with any degree of success build up their content style, approach and audience engagement strategy organically, and it is best to avoid interfering with this approach as long as they are being fair and presenting your product in the best light.

Audiences are increasingly aware and averse to inauthentic content. Whilst they will know a sponsorship is an advert, sponsored content that is engaging and entertaining is still entertaining content.

However, this means that a lot of the preparation, control and protection of brand values will be undertaken when you choose which influencers to work with.

Take a look at their content and ensure that it fits the values you want to present and are willing to be associated with.

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