Not getting hired? Here’s how to improve your socials!

Want to take part in SHOUT campaigns but not getting hired? Firstly, ensure your socials are inputted correctly on your UniTaskr account. All good? Then there may be some room for improvement on your socials before we can hire you. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Below we’ve listed what we look for when hiring creators for our SHOUT campaigns, and given pointers on how to improve your socials.

TikTok Campaigns

  • Nanos – Min 1,000 followers
  • Micros – Min 10,000 Followers
  • Mid-Tiers – Min 40,000 Followers
  • Public Account
  • Views around 10% of your followers
  • Post consistently
  • Content is filmed in good lighting, with no low-quality TikToks
  • Content has structure
  • No nudity, reference to drugs, or excessive swearing

Instagram Campaign

  • Min 500 Followers
  • Minimum 9 Posts
    Public Accounts
  • Images are taken in good lighting, with no grainy images
  • No nudity, reference to drugs, or excessive swearing

Okay, so now you know what we’re looking for, why not apply some of the below actions to your socials?:

  • Start posting more consistently – a minimum of three times a week should be a good starting point. The more you post, the more you’ll build your followers
  • Give your content purpose – find your niche and start posting about that. Want to post about student life? Post about your university experience and everyday situations. Into Fashion? Start doing clothes hauls!
  • Start taking part in trends – trends will increase your chance of appearing on your ‘For You Page’, and will increase your visibility and therefore followers.


Now, lets see your page grow! If you need any further assistace, feel free to drop us a message on @unitaskrshout and a member of our campaign team will be happy to help!

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