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UniTaskr began as UniDosh in 2016, a marketplace app built primarily for students to exchange services for money. Joe and I started it in our 2nd year of university as a solution to the ongoing financial crisis that students face. 

We wanted to do something to change this. Something to change how students earn money, how they develop their skills in the real world, with first hand experience, and also change how they are perceived in the public eye. We were surrounded by talented students, and it was clear that a marketplace where they could monetise from their skills could be the answer.

I got the train to Manchester Uni to meet up with my old school mate, Joe, and we started to put pen to paper, and began creating our first marketplace where students could utilise their skills and talents to earn money. DJ’s, cleaners, tutors, meal preps, lifts and so many more categories.

Once we launched it was clear we were onto something, students loved it and were uploading their services left, right and centre. But we could do more for them.

Two years on and we realised we were missing a big opportunity for our users, and that comes from the wider population who are looking for services. So at the beginning of 2019 we made the decision to start re-developing the platform and open it up to public households and businesses. Allowing them to post tasks and therefore have access to this vast pool of untapped talent. 

We still remain true to our ethos. We only allow students to accept the tasks, and therefore earn money.

We renamed the platform UniTaskr and relaunched in September 2019.

A trusted platform that provides students worldwide with the opportunity of turning their skills into cash, whilst offering the rest of the community, including businesses, a workforce of skilled and affordable talent.

That’s our goal.


Oliver Jacobs


Joseph Black


Vikram Simha



Robert Brown



James Eder




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students on our task-force who help to grow UniTaskr everyday.


Selected as 1/150 top EU start ups / scale ups and invited to exhibit and pitch in semi finals of the 'Founders Games'

Winners of £35k Prize Bundle

Winners of 12 months office space at any TOG office in the UK

Winners of Young Enterpreneurs 2017 & £5,000

Shortlisted for the semi-finals of the 'Varsity Pitch' competition for the chance to win £10,000 equity free funding.

Nottingham Trent, The Hive £1,500 awarded for business development

We're finalists!

October 15th 2019

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