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Why Do You Need a Blog? (And a Blog Content Writer to Write It)

Reach new customers

Who really has time to write their blogs? Large corporations with in-house content writers and blog departments, thats who. Along with insomniac’s and those who just love writing, probably. But if you haven’t got time to write your own blogs, it shouldn’t be left aside and forgotten about, as a good blog can make your business stand out and connect with your customers and future customers in an extremely engaging way.

We’ve even got a blog on the UniTaskr site, called the UniBlog, and it’s written by our very own student blog content writers on the UniTaskr website. It saves us time, it’s affordable and it creates engaging content for others to read, whilst working effectively to improve our SEO. It’s a win win.

All the benefits

The benefits of blogging are huge. Boosted web traffic, search engine rankings and interaction with customers. In an age when consumers are savvier (and more cynical) than ever, this method of sales without selling is a subtle yet effective way to build your brand and give yourself an edge over competitors.

If you want to grow your business, you need to be working on it rather than in it. So hand responsibility for your blog over to a blog content writer. Then you don’t have to worry about constantly researching, writing and editing content.

More time for yourself and useful for your business

A blog writer creates content that’s useful for your customers in the right tone for your brand, whilst saving you time so you can focus on other parts of the business. Answer your audience’s questions, give them what they need—something that makes their lives a little easier—and you build trust. Then they’re more likely to buy your product or service.

The best content often get’s shared over the web and it could even go viral. When things go viral, it spreads to an audience of millions, generating huge brand awareness and tons of new customers, and who benefits from all that organic, FREE advertising? You do! 

Example Blogs written by UniTaskers

Why Saving the Planet Doesn’t Have To Mean Hurting Your Wallet

“I swear that was only a quid last week.” It’s the age-old student saying, and one you’ll definitely have heard before.

Deliberating bill deals? The Bunch is the solution for you.

Here at UniDosh we believe in saving costs and pocket burns to students- therefore we decided to chat with a fellow startup The Bunch,

Fun and affordable things to do in Manchester this Summer

As Ian Brown of The Stone Roses put it, Manchester has everything but a beach. Famed for its cultural output...

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