UniTaskr’s new UGC platform

What is the UniTaskr UGC Platform?   SHOUT’s self-service UGC platform is the ultimate playground for your content creation desires. By signing up for our newest platform you can work directly with world-renowned brands on your own accord to create new and exciting content. By stepping into this new world of freelance content creation, there…… Continue reading UniTaskr’s new UGC platform

The Digital World Is Thriving

Covid-19 is all anyone is talking about, but of course it is, it’s changed the whole world as we know it. It has caused the closure of most UK stores and businesses, but the Coronavirus is indeed changing the behaviour in the digital world, and in many areas, it seems to be thriving. Not having much…… Continue reading The Digital World Is Thriving

Effects Of COVID-19 On Your Business

As cases of COVID-19 continue rocket around the world, our society has changed drastically. I could hurl all the facts, figures and forecasts at you but I’ll likely be repeating information you’ve already heard. The world and life as we know it has ground to a halt. The social, medical and economic measure governments have…… Continue reading Effects Of COVID-19 On Your Business

#Task4Help – UniTaskr’s answer to helping those in isolation.

UniTaskr #Task4Help Delivery student

As the Coronavirus takes grip, forcing many older, vulnerable people into self-isolation, UniTaskr wants to show its support. We plan on mobilising our 10,000 strong, low-risk student workforce in order to connect generations just when they need it most. With UniTaskr, currently ranked No. 5 in the app store, the desire between the strongest and…… Continue reading #Task4Help – UniTaskr’s answer to helping those in isolation.

Yolt: ‘Unthink Money’- A revolutionary banking app?

We caught up with the new banking and mobile app Yolt to ask some questions and dig deeper into the company, which now has over 1 million registered users after just 2 years. First, we were interested in the thinking behind their slogan ‘Unthink Money’. One of the main features that separates Yolt from other…… Continue reading Yolt: ‘Unthink Money’- A revolutionary banking app?

Introducing UniTaskr SHOUT

Us students always seem to have our budgeting hat on (or at least we like to think we do!). Here’s a fun fact for you, those of you who have an Instagram following of 500 or more are actually classed as Social Media Influencers, quite the fancy title and those of you who follow celebrities…… Continue reading Introducing UniTaskr SHOUT

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