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Tell us what you need, and we will send the request to nearby students.

Recent Delivery Tasks

We are mobilising our army of strong students to help safely deliver essentials to those in isolation.

As the Coronavirus takes grip, forcing many older, vulnerable people into self-isolation, UniTaskr wants to show its support. 

We plan on mobilising our 10,000 strong, low-risk student workforce in order to connect generations just when they need it most.

With UniTaskr, currently ranked Number 5 in the app store, the desire between the strongest and the most vulnerable people in society to connect, to do business and do good, is clearly catching.

Whilst social services and the NHS are overwhelmed. 

UniTaskr will be charging no fee to the public to post a task, payment will go directly to the student via the app’s secure payment system. 

Taskr’s can also choose to waive their delivery fee as a volunteer as part of their #Task4Help campaign.

Last week thousands of new students signed up to the app and have shown that they are willing to accept the public’s errands. Read More

How it Works

Post What You Need

List what you need, when you need it & where you need it delivered.

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Hire a Student

Hire the student you want. You can chat with them first.

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Receive Delivery

The student should leave the items on your doorstep, knock and walk away.

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Release Payment

After the student delivers the items, you can press 'Send Payment'.

Post your task for free

Contactless Drop Off

Confirm with the student how you want the delivery to take place.

We recommend asking the student to...

1. Leave Item on doorstep 2. Knock on door 3. Take 10 steps back

What do you need?

Here's some ideas...

I need... essential cleaning products

I need... someone to pick up my prescription

I need... bread, milk and sugar.

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