WIN £1000


"UniTaskr, Fund My First Term"


Winner announced on the 15th November via @unitaskr and @unitaskrshout IG


So, what's this all about?

We get it, sometimes we may party a little too hard and spend our entire term's student loan in the first two weeks... (oops!)

So, SHOUT by UniTaskr are giving you the opportunity to win £1,000, straight into your bank, by sharing your University, College or School experience with us!

There are two ways to enter, either via Instagram Stories, or creating a video on either TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. Completeing one of these tasks will earn you entries into the competition: the more entries, the higher chance of winning!

Instagram Story - 1 Entry
TikTok/Instagram Reel/YouTube Video - 5 Entries

Steps to enter via video (5 Entries)

step 1

Create your competition content

Create either a TikTok, Instagram Reel or YouTube short (or all three for 15 entries!) with the text 'UniTaskr, Fund My First Term because i've spent all my money on...' and finish the sentence! Make it your own, you could follow a current trend, do a story time, or however you feel fits best. Add a sound and make it fun!

step 2

Post the video to your chosen platform with the following 3 details:

• Tag @UniTaskr in your caption

• In your caption, encourage your viewers to also join the competition e.g
"Click the link in @UniTaskr bio to be in with the chance of winning £1,000"

• Add #UniTaskrFreshersComp and #UniTaskrApp in your caption

step 3

Finally, upload your submission to the form below

Steps to enter via Instagram Stories (1 Entry)

step 1

Save the below image and upload to it to your Instagram Story

Save this image 👉

step 2

Post the story with the following 3 details:

•Add a quiz with the question What would you do with £1,000?

• Tag @UniTaskr and two friends

• Add #UniTaskrFreshersComp and #UniTaskrApp

•Your story must stay up for 24hrs for your entry to be valid

step 3

Finally, screenshot your story and upload your submission to the form below

The boring bits!

You can enter the competition a maximum of four times; once on TikTok, once on Instagram Reels, once on YouTube Shorts, and once on Instagram Stories.
Any additional entries after this will not be counted

Whichever socials you upload your submission to, your account must be public. Your account must remain public for the duration of the campaign. Submissions uploaded to a private account will not be counted.

Please be responsible. Any content with explicit language or references to illegal substances will not be counted.

Your submission must stay live on your page until the competition has ended.

Student Identification will be requested in order to claim prize money.

Follow the competition with @unitaskr on Instagram & TikTok


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