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How does UniTaskr work

To purchase a service, you need to download the app, and then post a task. The post task button will lead you to a short form whereby you can enter a task title, description, budget, date & time for your task. Once your task has been posted, a selection of students will be notified and can accept the task. You then look through their profiles and decide who to hire. Once you’ve hired someone you can chat with them, and when the job is done, you can send payment safely through the app.

I need more than one student for a job?

When posting a task you will be asked how many students (UniTaskers) you will require. Your task listing will remain on the job board until you have hired this number of students for the task. If you need to hire more than originally requested, you can edit your task and change the number you require.

Who can accept jobs ?

Only students with a verified student email address can accept jobs. Members of the public and businesses can use the platform to access a primed workforce of students seeking part time work at affordable rates around their studies. All students are verified, and then rated and reviewed by other  buyers. Students are the worlds largest resource of raw untapped talent and through our platform they can now be accessed within a few clicks of a button.


UniTaskr is free to download on either IOS or Android app stores. It is also free to post a task. When posting a task you decide what your budget is for that task, and students can accept the task with an offer based on this budget. When the job is finished, you press the Send Payment button. At this point, we add on a service fee of £1.50.

is UniTaskr in my city

UniTaskr is currently available in Manchester for ‘In-Person’ tasks. We are expanding to various other cities in the coming months.

You can still post remote tasks from any location, worldwide.

How do I know how much to pay for a task?

It is up to you to decide how much you are willing to spend on each given task. Students are able to make offers on your task, therefore it is between both buyer and seller to come to an agreed price for the completion of a service


Please use the chat button in the bottom right of your screen.

Average response time - 2 minutes

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