Hire an Intern using UniTaskr. Student Internships

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As an effective platform designed specifically to hire an intern, UniTaskr provides you with the means to effortlessly connect with, evaluate, and recruit university students and recent graduates. Harnessing the advantage of on-demand intern hiring through UniTaskr not only streamlines your recruitment process but also enhances your team without burdening your workload. 


Our unique platform stands as a bridge between businesses and the vibrant academic sphere, letting you hire an intern with fresh insights and a novel perspective to enrich your organisation.


Don’t move, Everything's in one place

Our platform will allow you to post the details of the internship, respond to applicants, send payments and leave reviews.

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You can set your budget and receive unlimited applicants. We recommend pricing between £12-15/hour.

250,000 students

A workforce of un-tapped talent that keeps growing by hundreds everyday.

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Chat and pay safely within the platform. No need to share private details.

real results

Helping brands do more

We were instrumental in assisting Black Rooster, a branding & merchandise enterprise, in closing the distance between their core team and the vast, untapped pool of internship talent readily accessible on the UniTaskr platform.




Lower cost-per-hire

Hire an Intern using UniTaskr. Student Internships

built for everyone

The process is easy.


Post your Job

Create your account and post the details of the internship.


Receive applicants

We’ll work behind the scenes to invite relative candidates to the job. Pay 10% deposit (which we hold) to lock a candidate in.



Build your business with the help of your new of interns. Work remotely or in-person. The details are down to you.


Pay & Review

Use you payment option to pay each intern, and leave them a review to help them on their next job.

Common questions

We’ve also got a super friendly Live Chat within the app for any questions throughout the process.

UniTaskr Internships aren’t bound by the constraints of the typical academic schedule and offer the flexibility of being deployed all year round to address immediate support for brief projects (typically demanding between 15-30 hours of total work per week). These internships can be carried out remotely or in-person. They are embraced in various industries and roles, serving as a preliminary step or substitute for conventional internships, and function as skill-assessment opportunities for potential hires.

You can either download the UniTaskr app or sign up on your desktop. There is a monthly fee of £195/month that gives you full access to post all job types.

Apart from the monthly fee to access the platform of £195, you can decide how much to set your budget for the job. Students can send their offer for completing the job based on your budget.

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It only takes 5 minutes to set up your account and post your first role.

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