Welcome to the Lemon8 Ambassador Campaign!

Congratulations on being selected to join this exclusive opportunity to work with Lemon8: The new social media app created by the founders of TikTok!

Scroll down for the Campaign details & how to secure your spot

Campaign Perks🎁

• Get the skills to be a major influencer - receive tips on how the algorithm works, which'll help your grow your page & presence.

• Build your CV - add that you've worked with Bytedance (TikTok!)

• Earn ££ - get paid £30 to populate your page with 3 posts.

PLUS, once Stage 1 is completed successfully, you'll earn DOUBLE PAY in Stage 2.

1. Download the app

Step 2. Create your 3 drafts

Est. time: 35 - 45 mins

You need to create 3 x draft posts on the app. Each post must follow this criteria:

1. Your theme:

a) Choose from the following themes:

• Fashion product reviews
• Fashion styling
• Fashion Lookbooks

b) Your posts must be informative,
i.e. 'How to style blue jeans'

2. Choosing your pictures:

a) Each post needs to contain 3 x high quality pictures

b) Every picture needs to be different & portrait with 3:4 dimensions

c) No photo dumps, each picture must relate

High quality = bright lighting, high definition, aesthetic

3. Editing your pictures:

a) The 1st photo of each post must have an eye-catching title over the picture using one of the fashion templates

b) Use tasteful features (i.e. fonts, labels, templates) to enhance your pictures.

4. Writing your caption:

• 100+ words long and informative.

Top tip: You can reuse images that you have already posted on Instagram, just make sure they're high quality.

Examples of perfect posts:

Step 3. Submit Your Draft Posts for Review

Est. time: 2 mins

Screenshot each picture within drafts, upload them to the corresponding forms below and drop us your details.

Please DO NOT post your drafts until we have approved your work.

*A campaign manager may contact you via dm from our @UniTaskr Instagram account or via WhatsApp to request picture edits.

Upload Draft 1

Upload Draft 2

Upload Draft 3

Keep a look out on your Instagram/Whatsapp DM's for our messages!

Step 4. Once your posts have been approved, drop us a link to your live posts and your pay details.

Thank you for completing the Campaign! Payment will be sent within 1-2 business days.

Details on Stage 2 to follow...

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