NordVPN Instagram SHOUT

You'll earn Ā£4.50

šŸ’ø Money sent within 24 hours
šŸ’¼ Great for your CV
šŸ“¢ Chance to win a FREE year of NordVPN worth Ā£115

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What you need to do?
Follow the steps below and post 2 Instagram stories to promote NordVPN.

Who are NordVPN?:
A service that gives you...
šŸ’» Faster internet
šŸæAbility to stream USA Netflix
šŸ›ļø Access to better online deals
šŸ”’Online identity protection by hiding your IP address

How long does this task take?
5 minutes

Task Requirements:
āœ… A Creator Instagram account with 500+ Instagram followers.
āŒ No meme/fan pages or private accounts.

You can switch from a private/ public account to a Creator by going to your Settings -> Account -> Switch to a Creator Account

You will get: Ā£4.50

The Steps šŸ‘‡

If you have any questions, please text us on 07379603352. 
Do not contact NordVPN, as we are running this campaign for them.

1.1. Save this image

(Hold down to save)

1.2. Post it to your story and add a caption at the top saying:

Hey, does anyone use a VPN? Iā€™m working with NordVPN atm!

The post should look like this...

2.1. Save this image

2.2 Add a QUIZ sticker over the box with the title: How much do you think it costs?

Put the following answers:

A Ā£30 - Ā£50
B Ā£50 - Ā£70
C Ā£70 - Ā£90

Make A the correct answer.

2.3. Add 2 captions:

1 above the quiz to create hype around their offer.


They've got a huge deal on right now too!

1 below the quiz to announce their insane deal and get followers to claim it with the link in your bio.


Get 62% off 1 year + 1 free month with code: campusnord
Link in bio šŸ‘‰

2.4. Mention @nordvpn

It should look like something like this...


3. Put this link in the Website section of your bio:

That's it!

Now please fill in your details and attach screenshots of your 2 stories below.

10 best story posts will get 1 year of NordVPN (worth Ā£115) for FREE! šŸŽ‰

Now wait 20+ hours...

To get paid...

Fill in your details and story results in the form below and get paid!! šŸ„³

(Please wait at least 20 hours so your posts get maximum views.)

(You do not need to re-do the form above).



Refer friends - get money!

Now you're familiar with the task, share it with your friends and get Ā£2 for every one who completes it!

All you have to do is...

1. Send your friends the link to this task.

2. Get them to complete the steps; make sure they write your FULL NAME in the referral box.

3. Wait for them to complete the task, then we'll send you Ā£2. Easy as that šŸ™Œ
Payment will be sent to the same bank account you provided before.

Referral payments are sent every Friday.

Any queries, please text our support number - 07379603352

Thank you for participating in our NordVPN SHOUT! šŸ™Œ

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