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What is TikTok Paid Advertising?

Since TikTok launched, it received huge demand to build an advertising platform, just like Facebook Ads.

Now they've launched one, it's still an unknown area for many marketers. This has led to many not bothering to include TikTok advertising in their marketing campaigns.

UniTaskr is helping brands win the hearts of young people, using our incredible knowledge of the platform. It just so happens we were recognised by TikTok as a Gold Level Advertising Partner for our efforts.

Our Process

We maximise reach and overall impact through the amplification of influencer content.

Whilst influencer content is unmatched, organic activity can decay quickly. We prevent that from happening through the use of unrivalled user generated content and performance elevation.


We source the best content creators for your brand, and have them create content surrounding your brand.

Influencer activity, done.


After approved by you, they post the videos onto their channels. After some organic activity, we boost the best performing videos with advertising spend.

A/B testing commence.


We continue to repeat steps 1 and 2. High quality content is created and boosted each month, driving scaleable ROI and conversions.

Paid 2.0, done.

Creative Content

We'll turn to our pool of student nano influencers to start creating awesome content around your product or service. They will create TikTok content using the current trending music and styles. Our team of TikTok specialists will help them craft content that's bound to go viral.

Drive Engagements

Once live, our team will constantly be analysing the TikTok content. We will be managing each influencer to ensure they are representing your brand responsibly, answering any comments they get and constantly working with us to achieve your goals.

Get Sales or Downloads

We will work closely with you to understand the overall goals, and get the right tracking in place. Whether that's using TikTok to generate app installs, to generate product sales, or simply to drive website traffic.

TikTok Advertising Case Studies

Example of an Iceland TikTok Ad, by @hannahkurtulaj
235K views • 34K likes • 45 comments

Drive students to Iceland Stores

Iceland approached us with the aim of increasing footfall of students to their stores across the country, over the Christmas period.

We started by sourcing student influencers that shop at Iceland, and gave them a budget to create content surrounding the deals in store.

We had 20 students create content and post on their TikTok. Once a few days had passed we analysed the best performing content and ran them through the TikTok Ads platform, with paid spend.


The results were outstanding, with an overall cost-per-click of £0.14 and a click-through-rate of 2.1%

Example of a Monday.com TikTok Ad, by @anishaa.xo
237K views • 20K likes • 16 comments

Drive students to sign up to Monday.com

Monday.com are on a mission to onboard students to their time saving to-do list style platform.

We started by sourcing student content creators from our database that had an interest in study hacks or were simply organisation loves!

They created content around the Monday.com platform, outlining its core values and explaining how it can benefit a student.


The results were outstanding, with an overall cost-per-click of £0.30 and a click-through-rate of 1.5%

Why are we trusted by global brands?

Since UniTaskr launched in 2015, we quickly became a trusted student marketing solution for engaging young people, students and Gen Z. UniTaskr and it's new influencer department, SHOUT, has already helped some of the world's largest brands engage with students through incredibly creative and hugely successful campaigns.

1. They trust us

Over the years, we have run student marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world.

And we smashed them!

Our team know exactly what works and what doesn't work. They've even grown their own channels to hundreds of thousands of followers.

2. Proven track record

We have launched our own student app, called UniTaskr, which is a marketplace that connects businesses with a workforce of skilled students. We use SHOUT on a daily basis to generate new sign ups, and currently are getting around 500 new sign ups a day. (April 2022)

3. We guarantee views

We are so confident with our approach, we will guarantee that you receive a certain amount of views, and won't stop until that is matched.

With our combined knowledge of the TikTok platform, along with our nano-influencer army, we're able to generate enormous results.

So, how do we get started?

It all starts with a phone call, to discuss your requirements.

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