Quizlet Instagram SHOUT

Task Duration: 10-15 mins

Pay: £4.50

Task Summary:

Post 2 back-to-back Instagram stories to encourage followers to download and use Quizlet: a FREE app that provides revision tools too help with your studying.

Task Requirements:

• 500+ Instagram followers
• Professional account (Creator or Business)
• Preferable: Studying Medicine or Law at uni

You must have (switched to) a Creator/Business Instagram account BEFORE starting the steps.


1. Download the Quizlet app via this link:

2. Add your University and Course to your Quizlet account:

Tap to the person icon in the bottom right

• Tap the Settings icon in the top left

• Tap School (Add your University here) and press 'Done'

• Tap Subjects (Type in Medicine or Law related subject)and press 'Done'

• Head back to the homepage,
click on a 'Recommended set' and take a screenshot

(The will be your background for Story 2)

3. Follow @quizlet_uk on Instagram

4. Put the link from Step 1 in your Instagram bio

(Click Edit Profile and add it in the Website section)

5. STORY 1

• Take a picture of a study setting.

Anything from you in the library to a laptop, desk, study book or revision notes.

(This will be the background of your first story)

• Upload the pic to your story and add on-top...

• A QUIZ Sticker with the question

What's your biggest struggle with revision?

Make the Quiz options:

(A) Don't know where to start
(B) Writing notes
(C) Hard to stay focussed
(D) Reading through text books

• Tag @quizlet_uk using a @MENTION sticker



Quizlet story 1 example

6. STORY 2

• Upload the screenshot you took from Step 2 to Instagram and add on-top...

• A @MENTION Sticker: @quizlet_uk

• A LINK Sticker with the link from Step 1.
Customise the Link Sticker text to say:

• A Hashtag Sticker: #quizlet_uk

• #ad (make this SMALL and in the corner of the story)



7. As soon as you've posted, screenshot both stories and come back to this page to fill in the form below.

🚫 Do not remove the stories before they expire or you will not be paid 🚫

🔔 Please keep an eye on your messages incase we need to contact you 🔔

8. Now wait at least 20hrs for your story views and engagements to come through

Then come back here to fill in your results; you do NOT need to re-fill in the form above.


That's it! Your payment will be paid via bank transfer to your details within the next 24 hours 🥳

For any queries please dm us on our insta: @unitaskr

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