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Student Influencer Marketing

Put your brand in front of thousands of students
through the power of the nano-influencer (500 - 5000 followers).


£75 OFF when you buy 30 SHOUTERS or more

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We utilise our network of thousands of nano-influencers to SHOUT about your brand. Whether it's 5, 50 or 500 shouters you need, your brand will be shared by trusted sources, friends.
Not a Kardashian.

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Who are the SHOUTERS?

Hand-picked university students with engaging and trusted social media accounts.

Targeted Demographics

Looking for 18 - 20 year old females who study fashion in Manchester? No problem.

Let's take a look

How does Shout work?

We utilise our network of SHOUTERS on UniTaskr to:

1. Follow your Instagram

2. Post on their story a piece of creative that you choose

It’s that simple!

What does this do?

This shares your brand to thousands of new students, and is looked and listened to, as it’s from a trusted source.

Next steps

Select the number of SHOUTERS you want.

Each SHOUTER is £8

Finalise the creative to be shared and send to us.

Our design team can help with this

We send to the SHOUTERS and they share it to thousands.

We send a report after it's completed

Drive engagement, followers, awareness and leads in 24 hours

1 %

The percentage of students that say they would be interested in a new brand if their friends were talking about it.

Whats our strategy?

engage audiences with trusted exposure

We trust friends. we block out Ads.

Post Millennials have grown up in a time when brands are everywhere they look. They see them on buses, TV, radio, Facebook, apps, and even whilst listening to music.

As students then arrive at university, they are bombarded by brands crying for their attention. Trying to hook them onto their deals and develop a relationship for life.

However, us students have learnt to block out brands, scroll past ads as they appear and close popups almost automatically.

We do, however, listen to our friends.

5 Million instagram followers

It is a fact that the most cost effective marketing strategy is through peer to peer marketing. This can come in the form of ‘word of mouth’,  online sharing, and in the case of UniTaskr SHOUT, it is through sharing your brand onto their own social channels. 

Our students on UniTaskr have a combined instagram following of 5 million friends. 

5 million friends that listen and trust them.

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