Student Influencer Marketing

Put your brand in front of millions of students through the power of nano-influencers.

Claim £75 credit

Minimum 30 SHOUTS

Claim £75 credit

Minimum 30 SHOUTS

What does each SHOUTER do?

We utilise our network of thousands of nano-influencers to SHOUT about your brand.

Post on Story

We can help in creating the image or video you want the SHOUTERS to share.

Tag & Personalise

All SHOUTERS will tag you in the story and personalise it with captions (with guidelines).

Add link in Bio

Links to your website can be added to the SHOUTERS profiles.

Follow You

All SHOUTERS are asked to follow your account.

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1,604 - Average Following

Trusted Students

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This is the image or video that each SHOUTER will share.

The SHOUTERS share it to thousands of friends.

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What our customers say?

It was a pleasure to work with Joseph and the team at UniTaskr. Very professional, helpful and super responsive in answering any questions and clarifying information. The SHOUT process was slick and simple. We hope to work with them again in the near future.”

Manjit Sangha, Founder of DUSH DUSH

Shout was a great tool for us to reach customers at a super low cost! The referrals from targeting small groups of friends has been very powerful.

Elliott Herrod – Taylor, Founder of The Bunch

Drive engagement, followers, awareness and leads in 24 hours

1 %

The percentage of students that say they would be interested in a new brand if their friends were talking about it.

Whats our strategy?

engage audiences with trusted exposure

We trust friends. we block out Ads.

Post Millennials have grown up in a time when brands are everywhere they look. They see them on buses, TV, radio, Facebook, apps, and even whilst listening to music.

It is a fact that the most cost effective marketing strategy is through peer to peer marketing.

5 Million instagram followers

Peer to peer marketing can come in the form of ‘word of mouth’,  online sharing, and in the case of UniTaskr SHOUT, it is through students sharing your brand onto their own social channels. 

Our students on UniTaskr have a combined instagram following of 5 million friends. 5 million friends that listen and trust them.

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