who are we?

an experienced team of past and present students

UniTaskr was launched over 5 years ago whilst we were studying at university. We created a student marketplace that connected students to buy and sell services, and later opened this platform to households and businesses, providing you with an on-demand workforce of freelance students for services ranging from design, blogging, web development and many more.

Over the years (and 80,000 students later), the company has kept on growing and we've been able to broaden our offering and utilise our workforce of students in other ways. One of them being, SHOUT.

Now, we are team made up of past and present students with the average age being 22 years old. So you can trust us when it comes to knowing what students need and want.

tried and tested

years of learning

We've trialled and tested hundreds of different marketing methods over the years.

Now we have the perfect recipe to put your brand in front of the right people. We know what works, and what doesn't work.



Our workforce of 60,000 students has a combined social reach of over 50 million people!

We know what we're doing

Top of our game

You wouldn't trust a plumber who has a leak in their house, so don't trust a marketing agency who can't prove success. Our student marketplace app, UniTaskr, has over 60,000 students and recently climbed to number 1 in the App Store Top Charts.

How did we do that? We used SHOUT.

Recent Clients

We've worked with amazing brands

Here's just a few of the brands we've helped with their student marketing

Our 2 shout services

Our proven approach to fuel a new customer base.

Student Influencers

Have hundreds or even thousands of student nano-influencers shout-out your brand across their social channels.

We will track, measure and report everything.


Have students explore, test and feedback on your products.

Acquire lifetime users who fully understand the in's and out of your product or service, and what you have to offer.

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